“Must have” in your bookmarks to develope iOS Apps

“Must have” in your bookmarks to develope iOS Apps

In this article I will discuss some of the websites that I have in my favorite bookmarks bar and quite frequently consulted when developing apps for iOS. Of course, I will be happy in the comments and comenteis añadáis that you feel like or that you consider should be on the list.

1. The first and put it especially for newbies unaware that eswww.stackoverflow.com. If you have any bug or questions just comment it in the browser (preferably in English) and get the solution to your problem. Only one point, despite the voting system on this page do not always find the best solution to your problem, but almost one hundred percent probability you find one that works for you.

2. The second in my particular podium is without dudawww.cocoacontrols.com. If you want a customized component certainly this is your web.

3.Si in cocoacontrols not find what you need, your next option is to search directly in www.github.com. All components are in github cocoacontrols but not vice versa.
The list will expand to developing on these items, but these three should have more than enough to deal with any development. Below, I will list some intended diseño.1 section. The first in this list is www.iosfonts.com. All fonts with all OS versions for all devices. Undoubtedly one of the websites that most will use when designing or models.

2. The second will www.dribbble.com where you can see all the latest trends regarding the design of Apps. As someone once said well, if you know that your design must have App, just look at this website for 15 minutes.
3.La www.freepik.es third is Malaga where you can find plenty of resources for your developments.