Design UI … Does size matter?

Design UI … Does size matter?

When we develop an app in which there is a lot of information, we must always think about the device in which it will finally show. We often find clients who want to put all the information possible in a single view, and forget that the space in a mobile is finite and no matter how many “giant” devices exist, not all users have 9-inch displays and … for whom do we develop the apps? For the users, do not fool yourself, your app is not for you … it is for the users, for you it is the benefit that the use of it reverts in your business.

So, the size matters, of course it matters, we can not pretend to put all the info in a single glance, without pretending to scroll and to see the whole “super-big”. The hierarchies are very important and that is why it is necessary to make the client aware that not all the information has the same relevance, and therefore not all the information should be shown the same, even some should be omitted. If we make this clear at the beginning of the project, we will avoid many future problems in terms of layout. This is not the first time we have received the complaint from a customer who has insist in putting a heap of buttons on a horizontal line and when he has seen it in a real device (and however much he has been warned) then we Says that it looks very small.

Every day we see apps where it is impossible to read a line of text without going blind, and everyday we hear: “here is a blank space that we could fill with something” … No! Why that fear of white space? The white space gives “oxygen” to the views, facilitates readability, a crowded app overwhelms just open it and does not invite anything to be used.

Using the size of the text and the layout of the elements to highlight the different actions or sections, is the correct way to highlight the most important content, not making it bigger … You can make something look bigger by putting something smaller next to it, not necessarily making it bigger.

All these errors that we find daily and that we dedicated to graphic design to use, we have been suffering since the beginning of time, we must try to correct them, raising our customers that size matters, of course, and space too, but almost in a different way that they think.